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Spring Home Spruce Up

Ways to improve your home's curb appeal and interior presentation in preparation

for selling.


1. Hire an exterior cleaning company to power wash your siding, deck/patio, and driveway

and wash your windows (ask me for a recommendation).

2. Declutter the yard and pick up any garbage that has accumulated over the winter. Pick up

any leftover leaf piles, trim the bushes, and edge the flower beds.

3. Touch up any paint that chipped or faded during the winter months.

4. Patch holes in the driveway and get it seal-coated.


1. Hire a cleaning service to give your home a deep clean (ask me for a recommendation)

2. Hire a pest control company to remove/evict any unwanted guests.

3. Declutter- remove you from the home if you are selling. Take down personalized pictures

and other items. Think “Make it look like a furniture store.”

4. Neutralize- Keep it light! Use neutral paints and furnishings that can work with many


5. Keep it clean- nothing sells better than a clean-looking and well-maintained home. Do

not forget the smells, have some light-scented air fresheners installed throughout.

6. Do some inexpensive upgrades like new bedding, couch pillows, rugs, towels etc.


So, do the work ahead of time and be sure your house is ready when you start showing it for sale. Talk to Dorene at Glacier Realty about the option of listing your house on the private market while preparing your house for sale. It will get exposure and build anticipation for the Buyers out there, so when you go live, your market time should be shorter. For expert advice on what to do and not do to prepare your house for sale, contact Dorene Swanson at, 815-347-2090. Visit our website: and Facebook and Instagram pages.

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