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What does a Real Estate Listing Broker do?

There are so many things a full service Professional Experienced Real Estate Broker provides their clients that want to list their property for sale. Since there are so many, we cannot list them all here.

Here are some of the transaction items that a Listing Broker attends to:

1) Initial consultation to discuss your Real Estate needs, view the property that you want to sell, and gather pertinent information about the property.

2) Provide a market analysis which helps the Seller and Broker team to price the property correctly for the current market. Discuss the marketing plan for the property and why listing with Glacier Realty is the BEST and RIGHT choice for representation.

3) Review the listing paperwork and have it all filled out correctly. Educate the Seller about their responsibilities to the future Buyer regarding disclosure.

4). Order and have professional pictures taken of the property.

5) Market the home- which can be any number of things, for example: Enter the property into the local multiple listing service (MLS), install a yard sign, install a lockbox on the door with keys in it, advertise on social media and websites, send postcards to the surrounding area around the property, make fliers for inside the property, or put an ad on a specialty website, this is just naming a few.

6) Manage the showings of the property, gather feedback from the agents that show the property, and field any questions. Send notifications as needed to incite showings and an offer.

7) Receive offers on the property and advise the Seller on the price and terms of the contract. (Did you know there are 13 pages to a Real Estate Contract that our local Realtor board utilizes?). Once agreed upon, gather all initials and signatures on the required documents.

8) Submit a fully executed contract and supporting documents to your attorney and the other agent.

9. Work with all parties during the attorney approval and home inspection time to negotiate and agree to any final terms or conditions of the sale.

10) Assist in the scheduling of home inspection, appraisal and Buyer final walk through.

12. Follow up on Buyer’s financing, clearing title and scheduling of the closing.

13. Advise the Seller what they need to do at the end of the sales process, for example: pay the final water bill, schedule the utilities to be taken out of their name, schedule the movers and pack.

14. Attend the closing with the Seller and continue to provide support.

15. Continue to be a resource for any future Real Estate needs and become your family and friends preferred Real Estate Broker!

Throughout the process, Glacier Realty is there each step of the way to explain the process and answer any questions you have. They will be in contact with the many Real Estate Professionals involved in the sale; the Buyer’s agent, attorney and paralegal, lender, title company, home inspector, radon inspector, appraiser, repair professionals, home warranty companies, moving companies, Homeowners insurance agent, and YOU!

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